...It falls in pieces, it falls because it must
and who can say that it doesn’t fall purely out of love for the earth? From earth
comes water and from water, soul
—born like the stormy flux of love.

Listen: if we touched I could lose you or lose myself, falling into your arms
as rain falls, finally, onto the earth, then rises somehow through the air again,
irrepressible as souls. It is the beginning of everything.

                    FROM "RAIN," WHITE

RODNEY (to Audience)
The thing about jugglingwhat no one really knowsis that it has no clear definition. Not unlike some people. What is it, really? Is it art or entertainment? Reality or illusion? One thing is certain: you must never take your eyes off the balls, not for a moment. For if you doif you look away, say, at something that’s coming at you...then everything falls.
        —From juggling with mr. fields

...the shell-pink snapdragons you planted
are phosphorescent in your absence, and space

after words like so long mimics
the splash of displaced water. Louder

colors persist after evening dissolves.
Your voice still haunts me. Pray for tomorrow’s

resoundingly empty sky.

             From “singular Constructions” White

I never understood the expression "heavenly bodies." Because a) they're not bodies, and b) they're not in Heaven. Heaven's a place we can't see until we get there. If we get there. If it even exits. 

      From quasars

She is making herself and not herself
anguish dressed in baroque repose,

a motionlessness that is never still,
arranged, betraying nothing

the restrained line of an eyebrow or lip,
the arc of a neck, the skillful reflection

of a sleeve of the moon-white gown
in the olive-green water

gradually assembled, balanced there
in this unexpected moment,

this small world holding its breath.

               —From "SUSANNA AND THE ELDERS," WHITE