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Full Length

Charlotte’s Letters (6F/1M)

Henley Rose Award
NEWvember New Plays Festival Dublin
Irish Repertory Theatre’s New Works Reading Series
Semifinalist: O’Neill Center National Playwrights Conference
Semifinalist: BETC’s Generations Award

A fresh take on the Brontës, the play intertwines Charlotte Brontë’s two years as a young woman at a school in Brussels—where she became close to her married teacher and employer, Monsieur Heger—with biographer Mrs. Gaskell’s struggle to salvage Charlotte’s posthumous reputation and trailblazing novels. Linking both stories is the mystery of Charlotte’s attraction to Heger, who encouraged her writing and that of her sister Emily while helping inspire scandalous books like Jane Eyre. A vividly theatrical, surprisingly humorous play about love, friendship, and the making of art and identity.

Juggling with Mr. Fields (1F/3M)

Twilight Theatre Productions Reading
Nominated for The Kilroys List

World War II is on and 64-year-old, verging-on-alcoholic movie star W. C. Fields—shunned by the Hollywood studios and secretly eager for work–grudgingly hires a young English valet of mysterious origins, while Fields’ live-in mistress and rising-actor friend Anthony Quinn vie for his attention. But new servant Rodney brings a link to the past that will have shattering consequences, in this imaginative look at the hidden side of an iconic film star and poignant drama about longing and belonging.

Complex Analysis (3F/3M)

Anthea heads a struggling trauma clinic where she sees Nathan, a math student and survivor of a school shooting; Cooper, a boy whose mother was murdered; and Carl, a widower mourning his lost chance at parenthood. While her own life falls into crisis Anthea hires Christine, an eager new therapist who begins treating Nathan in unsupervised sessions that quickly blur the lines between helping and harming. A timely investigation of the psychological effects of gun violence and our public mental-health system.

Ellery (5F/1M)

The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2017 (Smith and Kraus)

Becca’s life sucks, or at least that’s what she believes. She hates her psychic abilities and is being haunted by her dead but still-critical mother and overly involved grandmother, for reasons none of them understands. When a dead young woman appears and pleads for help, Becca must determine whether the course she will take will push away the man she loves or enable her best friend to make a dangerous decision. A play about living and being different. (Play 2 in the Paranormal Trilogy)

Paranormal Love (2F/5M)

MTWorks NEWborn Festival of New Plays
Finalist: NEWvember New Plays Festival
Wild Rumpus Productions Reading

Kevin and David were a loving couple, but now Kevin is dead and passes time eating popcorn and watching the living. When David decides to marry a woman, Kevin seizes the chance to wrap up unfinished business—making sure David is happy, and reuniting a male photographer and a female psychic who share a history of conflicted attraction—which Kevin attempts with the aid of a dead drag queen and a young Latino ghost, until things begin to go wrong. A dark comedy about love, loss, and the power of memory. (Play 1 in the Paranormal Trilogy)

Quasars (2F/2M/1 female child)

The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2014 (Smith and Kraus)
Best Contemporary Monologues for Women 18-35 (Applause)

When blocked sculptor Josh’s wife Karen becomes seriously ill but won’t slow down, Josh takes secretive measures to keep her at home. But their nine-year-old daughter witnesses his ploys and begins to mimic them at school, bringing unwanted scrutiny from a young Catholic priest. As Karen’s illness worsens Josh must learn to let go, and try to grow up, with help from a troubled priest and a strange young woman with piercings. Imagistic, infused with wry humor, Quasars examines our need for human connection and the uncertain comforts of faith and art.

Selected Short Plays

Admiral Grace Hopper Revisits (1F)

World Premiere: Rover Dramawerks, 2018

Eighty-five-year-old, former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and computer pioneer Grace Hopper speaks about life, computer compilers, and kicking some ass in this short solo play about perseverance and passion.

The Mysterious Affair at the Christies (1F/1M)

World Premiere: Rover Dramawerks, 2017

An imagined glimpse into mystery-writer Agatha Christie’s troubled first marriage and the roots of her long career as a novelist.

First Day in Trade (3F/1M)

World Premiere: Rover Dramawerks, 2016
The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017 (Smith and Kraus)

At a New York publishing house an impoverished assistant has just been informed that one of the world’s wealthiest women–editor Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis–might want to bum cigarettes from her. (Inspired by a true incident)

The Great Gaffe (1F/2M)

World Premiere: Monster Box Theatre, 2016
The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2016 (Smith and Kraus)

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Edith Wharton gives a tea party for F. Scott Fitzgerald, struggling young author of The Great Gatsby, with disastrous results.

Pre-War (2F)

13th Street Repertory Theatre Reading

An agoraphobic woman and her older Czechoslovakian neighbor discover they have more in common than they realized.

Persephone (3F/1M)

World Premiere: Heartland Theatre Company’s 10-Minute Play Festival, 2018
Forthcoming in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2018 (Smith and Kraus)

A modern riff on the myth of Persephone, forced to live in the underworld. This Persephone returns to give her small child an unusual gift, something she will defy all obstacles to bestow.