Jennifer’s writing has been widely published. Following are selected links to some of her work.

Selected Writing

“Tomorrow or Next Year” (a play) in Feels Blind Literary

“Habitation,” “Illuminated Page,” “Moths,” and “The Surrealist Learn to Fly” (from White) in Poetry

“Stillborn,” White,” and “Definitions Containing Loss” (from White) in The Kenyon Review

“One Explanation” (from White) in Harper’s Magazine

“One Afternoon” (from White) in The Antioch Review

“How to Clean Practically Anything” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Poetry Daily

“Steer Flees Slaughter and Is Last Seen Going Thataway” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Poetry Daily

“Two Birds Mating in a Rhododendron Bush” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Verse Daily

“Visitors” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Plume

“Fireflies” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Plume

“Alphabet for the Stay-at-Home Parent,” “The Annunciation According to Tissot” and “The Annunciation According to John Collier” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Cultural Weekly

“All Souls,” Annunciation,” The Annunciation According to Tissot” and “Exclusions & Limitations” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact

“Anniversary” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at One

“Addition,” “Alphabet for the Stay-at-Home Parent,” and “Like an Ear” (from Exclusions & Limitations) at Literary Mama

“Geography,” “Traces,” and “Water Journal” (from White) at Society Nineteen

Selected Anthologies – Drama

The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017
(“First Day in Trade”)

The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2016
The Great Gaffe”)

Anthologies – Poetry

The Plume Anthology of Poetry 5
(“Man Keeps Eighty Sheep
in His House, Authorities Say”
Exclusions & Limitations)

American Poetry: The Next Generation
(“Anonymous Wedding Photo,” “Buster’s Last Hand,” and “Poem for the Womb”

The Book of Irish-American Poetry
(“Blue Heron” and “The Miraculous Draft of Fishes”