Selected Full-Length Plays

Charlotte’s Letters (6W/1M)

2020 Winner, Rising Artist Playwriting Award
Winner, 1st Place Henley Rose Award
NEWvember Festival Dublin Selection
The Irish Rep’s New Works Reading Series Selection
Finalist, Talk Back Theatre
Finalist, Isle of Shoals Productions
Semifinalist, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference
Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Award
Selected for The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2022 (Smith and Kraus)

A fresh, theatrical take on the Brontë sisters, intertwining Charlotte Brontë’s two years as an unpublished young woman at a Belgian school—where she became close to her married tutor/employer, Monsieur Heger—with biographer Mrs. Gaskell’s struggle to salvage Charlotte’s posthumous reputation and feminist novels. In Victorian England the novels of recently deceased author Charlotte Brontë’ are now widely banned for being too passionate. Her literary friend Mrs. Gaskell intends to prove that Charlotte was innocent and her reclusive life, blameless. But when an alarming letter arrives from Brussels, Mrs. Gaskell feels forced to investigate just how much of Charlotte’s novels–including the bestselling but scandalous Jane Eyre–was based on her own life. A play about love, friendship, and the making of art and identity.

Juggling with Mr. Fields (1W/3M)

2020 Finalist, Southwest Theatre Productions New Play Contest
Selected for Twilight Theatre Productions Reading

In 1940s Hollywood wealthy, irreverent, nearly-alcoholic movie star W.C. Fields–shunned by film studios and eager for work–grudgingly hires a young English manservant to get his life in order, while Fields’ live-in girlfriend Carlotta and rising-actor friend Anthony Quinn vie for his attentions. But new servant Rodney brings a secret link to the past that will have shattering consequences, in this imagined look at the hidden side of an iconic film star and poignant drama about longing and belonging.

Slanted Light (2W/3M)

2022 Bechdel Group Shortlist

Joanna is a poet and single parent working part-time in a funeral home–an odd choice, considering that Joanna can see dead people. When a dead teenage boy follows her home and ensconces himself in her attic, Joanna and her teenage daughter Miranda must learn some hard truths about living and dying. (Play 3 in The Ghost Trilogy of standalone plays)

Ellery (5W/1M)

2019 Bechdel Group Reading Selection
Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2017 (Smith and Kraus)

Becca hates her own psychic abilities and is being haunted by her dead but still-critical mother Linda and dead grandmother Ida, for reasons none of them understands. When a dead young woman appears and pleads confusingly for help, Becca turns away–but unwittingly gives her best friend Liesel, an ambitious young psychic, the opportunity to pursue a very dangerous course that could harm Becca and another living woman. A play about living responsibly and being different. (Play 2 in The Ghost Trilogy of standalone plays)

Paranormal Love (2W/5M)

Winner, MTWorks National Newborn Award
Wild Rumpus Reading Selection
2019 Honorable Mention, Panndora’s Box New Works Festival
Finalist, NEWvember New Plays Festival
2022 Semifinalist, The Depot Reading Series
2020 Semifinalist, Southwest Theatre Productions New Play Contest

Kevin and David were a loving couple, but now Kevin is dead and stuck in a boring afterlife with little to do but eat popcorn and watch the living. When David decides to marry Lila, a woman, Kevin seizes the chance to wrap up unfinished business–making sure David is happy, and reuniting Joe and DeeDee, two living friends now mysteriously estranged–which Kevin attempts with the aid of two dead friends, until things begin to go wrong. A play about love, loss, and the power of memory. (Play 1 in The Ghost Trilogy of standalone plays)

Fertile Ground (3W/1M)

2022 Semifinalist, Eugene O’Neil Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference
2022 Semifinalist, Princess Grace Award in Playwriting/Fellowship at New Dramatists
2022 Semifinalist, Panndora’s Box New Works Festival

Novelist Leigh wants a baby but suffers from unexplained miscarriages. Her younger sister Olivia, a parent on the tenure track, is having trouble finishing her academic book about maternal filicide due to one of her subjects, whose motivations are disturbingly unclear. Leigh’s husband Max wants to be done with fertility treatments so that he and Leigh can move on. As Olivia and Max begin to lean on each other for support, Leigh begins writing a new novel about filicide, and fact and fiction begin to collide and will have devastating consequences for both sisters. A new play exploring unseen and ignored aspects of motherhood along with its darker side.

Selected Shorts

(Find Jennifer’s many other plays and monologues at New Play Exchange)

Persephone (3W/1M)

Published in The Best New Ten-Minute Plays 2019 (Applause)
Winner of Heartland Theater Company’s 10-Minute Play Contest and other productions

A modern riff on the myth of Persephone, forced to leave her family behind forever. This Persephone returns to give her small child an unusual gift–a new mom.

Most Wonderful (1W/1M)

Published in The Best New Ten-Minute Plays 2021 (Applause)
Selected for OnStage Atlanta’s “Merry Little Holday Shorts” and other productions

Two unemployed roommates learn the meaning of Christmas with help from a can of beans and some dental floss.

Fridge (1W/3 gender-neutral)

Published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2021 (Smith and Kraus)
Selected for Short+Sweet Perth 2021 and other productions
Audience-Choice Award, KIT’s 2020 International Women in Comedy Festival

A woman and her fridge. A play about failure and acceptance.

Expectations (1W/1M)

Selected for Short+Sweet Sydney 2021 and other productions

Novelist Charles Dickens and his wife Kate Dickens speak about the legal separation Dickens initiated after 22 years of marriage and nine children–narratives that differ substantially from each other. A play about power and women’s lives.

First Day in Trade (3W/1M)

Published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017 (Smith and Kraus)
Selected for Rover Dramawerks’ 365 Women a Year Festival

At a major New York publishing house an impoverished assistant learns that one of the world’s wealthiest women–editor Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis–might want to bum cigarettes from her. (Inspired by a true incident)

The Great Gaffe (1W/2M)

Published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2016 (Smith and Kraus)
Produced by theaters and colleges around the U.S.

Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Edith Wharton gives a tea party for F. Scott Fitzgerald, struggling young author of The Great Gatsby, with disastrous results.

Chem Class (1W/1M)

Selected for The Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival 2022
Selected for City Lights Theatre Company’s 2022 Lights Up! Festival
2022 Stage Production: Southeast Missouri Stage University’s Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre
Publication forthcoming in 
The Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival 2022: The Short Plays (Southeast Missouri State U. Press)

On their morning walk to school, Alex asks his friend Sofia to their Junior Prom. But Sofia’s reaction isn’t what Alex expected–or so he thought. A play about taking risks and being ourselves.

Sugar (2W)

Selected for Little Fish Theatre’s Pick of the Vine 2023
Selected for Lakeshore Players Theatre’s 2022 10-Minute Play Festival
Selected for Rockford New Words 2022

Lilia is startled when her new neighbor Jaden knocks on her door and asks to borrow sugar. But Jaden has an urgent ulterior motive that has nothing to do with sugar, and everything to do with Lilia.